You're not really stuck. The reason why you can't move forward is beacuse you keep applying an old formula. Change the formula and you change your result. Apply Formula 7+ and feel good inside and out!

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You’re not really stuck.

You’re just committed to certain patterns of behaviour that helped you in the past.


The reason why you can’t move forward is because you keep applying an old formula.


Change the formula and you change your result.


Growth is painful.


Change is painful.


But nothing is more painful than staying stuck in the past repeating the same thoughts and behaviours that have caused your unhappiness.


Make a commitment to your health and wellbeing.


Don't fear change. 


Applaud it. 


Reconnect with yourself. 


Take serious action and reap the rewards! 

Apply Formula 7+ and feel good inside and out!

Here's the theory behind my system which I refer to as Formula 7+. Certainly there are people who succeed in getting their carrot with only a few of these measures but for many of us, applying all seven peas is the best approach for achieving long term success. This formula was developed as a result of reflecting on my own personal journey and struggles and from working closely with my clients whom I greatly admire and respect. 

The system is flexible, customisable, evidence based and above all is sustainable. This means no more chasing the latest health craze. No more wasting time and money on health products or programs promising you quick fixes with unrealistic long term results leaving you feeling like a failure when in fact the product or program has failed you. No more depriving or punishing yourself. No more guilt or shame. No more taking your frustrations out on those around you because you feel you have lost control. In other words it’s about freedom of choice and giving the power back to you. 

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I love supporting clients design their own healthy living road map, I feel inspired by their accomplishments whilst I watch in admiration as they bring about their desired change!


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Are you ready to tap in and unlock your full potential and fall in love with yourself and with life again? I will be with you every step of the way so you'll never feel alone. Just remember it's never too late for change.